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Renee Robertson
National Sales and Marketing Manager


Jason Clear
Technical Director


Company History

Fin Pan, Inc., was formed by Ted and Mary Louise Clear and incorporated in 1975. Our first product was WonderBoard®, the world's first cementitious backer board for Modulars, Inc. Ted Clear invented and patented the automated continuous manufacturing process for the concrete backer board. Automated processes allowed our company to produce backer board in mass quantities and begin a revolutionary change in the installation of ceramic tile. By reducing the time and labor needed for proper installation, ceramics tile installation became more affordable to the consumer and more profitable for the installer.

Fin Pan began to produce its own brands of concrete backer board in 1987, Util-A-Crete® and ProTEC™. Util-A-Crete® is the highest quality board available on the market, and is highly regarded for exterior applications due to its flexural and compressive strengths. ProTEC™, our contractor-grade concrete backer board, has superior performance, high compressive strength and is competitive priced for the international market.

FinPan has a tradition of market innovation. Fin Pan developed its line of PreFormed® Ready-to-Tile Components in 1999. With the introduction of PreFormed® Niches, Seats, Slopes and Curbs, Fin Pan once again moved the industry to set higher standards and advanced the quality and ease of ceramic tile installation. Areas of installation that presented problems and call back were eliminated by our PreFormed® Line of Ready-to-Tile components. As a natural growth of the product line, PreFormed® Shower Pans were developed in 2002. PreFormed® Shower Pans eliminate cure time and give consistent installation quality. They helped to eliminate the single source of callbacks in the industry – leaking shower pans.

Innovation came again from Fin Pan in 2006 with an affordable, lightweight, waterproof backer board called ProPanel®. ProPanel® weighs less than .5 lb. per square foot and is cut with a multipurpose drywall knife. The white finish makes it perfect for glass tile installation – even large-format glass tile. With the successful installation of millions of square feet of ProPanel®, in 2009 Fin Pan responded again to industry needs and introduced ProPan, a contractor-grade, site-modifiable pan that works as a system withProPanel® and the PreFormed® Ready-To-Tile Components. ProPan features the convenience and reliability of the PreFormed® Pan but with the added benefit of being easily modified. The drain is preinstalled and sealed into the pan so that installation is easy and reliable. The drain installment in ProPan makes the system virtually leakproof.*

For three generations, the Clear family has been instrumental in developing innovative products that transformed the tile installation industry. That mission continues today.

*Proper installation required.